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ASIP | Register
Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis tools allow you to make informed trading decisions

Real-Time Market and News Data on one platform
AI Starck Information Platform (ASIP)

We provide data from verified sources, which is updated every second.

The AI Starck Information Platform (ASIP) is an innovative and powerful tool developed by the STARCK team to assist traders and investors in getting instant prices and trading, news, fundamental and technical analysis, and tracking of their complete investment portfolio.

ASIP derives its value from a combination of artificial intelligence and the expertise of fundamental analysts and traders. This blend of knowledge and skills enables faster and more accurate information.

With ASIP, you can monitor, analyze, trade, and track the data that every investor and trader uses daily.

What does ASIP include?
Markets Include:
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Equity
  • Forex
  • Commodity


1. Starck Trading Data include:
  • Currency pairs
  • Price
  • Trading Status - Open, Hold, Close (Generated by real-time analysis and AI)
  • Trading Target
  • Charting Tools

* Algorithm + fundamental analysis + AI
* Аnalyzing sentiments and trends from social media
* Changing periods by choice

2. Starck Trading News include:
  • Personalized news with AI
  • News Status – Positive/ Negative / Neutral
  • Full Version of News

3. Add API:
  • For personalization of all views - trading and news
  • To trade directly through the platform
  • Portfolio tracking

We use Fundamental analysis, Charting Tools, and AI.

4. What to expect in TIER 2:
  • Fundamental Equity anlisys by Financial analyst and open, close and hold status for them

5. What to expect in TIER 3:
  • Forex anlisys and open, close and hold status for them
  • Commodity anlisys and open, close and hold status for them

6. What to expect in TIER 4:
  • Warning alerts for problematic Crypto projects, Stocks, Commodities and Forex
  • Multilanguage support

7. What to expect in TIER 5:
Tracking software:
  • 1-Click Portfolio Balancing or Rebalancing: With different categories available, you will be able to get a balanced portfolio, enter different strategies into one portfolio, view analytics for each category separately, compare them, and make your monthly purchases.
  • Effective tracking: The tool will make it easy to track the performance of your investments. You will be able to compare the profitability of your investment with indices such as MOEX, S&P 500, NASDAQ, etc. It will also calculate various portfolio metrics such as the Sharpe ratio to balance profitability and risks in your portfolio and compare different portfolios.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Not only you will be able to see portfolio diversification by country, sector, asset class and region, but also the composition of funds in your portfolio.
  • Quick access to indicators: Instead of using time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, you will be able to use our tracking software to quickly track and access investment indicators. It will show you all the important information to help you understand your real earnings. You will see total invested value, passive income, current holds and passive income per year.
  • 100+ Stock Exchanges: It will support all major exchanges.
  • 25+ Currencies: You will be able to add the stocks in different currencies including USD, EUR, CAD etc. and visualize the performance in local currency.
  • Quick and easy transaction import and automatic updating: The Services will allow users to connect their investment account with thousands of different brokerage firms in the US, UK, Canada and other countries. You will be able also to manage multiple accounts in one place and streamline your workflow.
  • Reporting: You will receive company reports and their chart comparison by fundamental indicators. This will make it easier for you to spot your weaknesses and strengths and improve your strategies.
  • Responsive design: The portfolio app will be designed intuitively so you can manage and track your portfolio anywhere, anytime on your mobile devices.
  • Portfolio Tester: will be a place where investors can test their investment ideas, build a suitable investment portfolios and evaluate the performance and risk of a combination of assets.

By entering your user panel, you have access to all of the most important news in a synthesized version - you can see the current prices in real-time and monitor your entire diversified portfolio.
The information you need to make decisions is in one place, at any time with you.
The artificial intelligence in the creator's set of algorithms helps to synthesize the information and saves hours of time searching for high quality and reliable Fundamental Analysis news by streamlining the processes.

While using the services of STARCK, our customers will have a permanent LIVE SUPPORT.

STARCK's solution will allow our customers to benefit from full monitoring of their investments in just one platform through a competitive multi-channel experience.

Who the AI Starck Information Platform is suitable for?

→ Beginner traders and investors
Our user-friendly interface allows novice investors and traders to navigate more quickly and easily through convenient features and redesigned information.

→ Active traders and investors
The platform is suitable for in-depth Fundamental Analysis and decision support in complex strategies.

The application of AI aims to improve efficiency and potentially increase profitability, while also aiming to reduce the emotional impact on trading and investing decisions.


-SSL/TLS protocols encrypt communication, while MFA and smart contract audits harden access points;
-SIEM tools provide continuous vigilance and encourage proactive threat detection;
-Regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

All the features listed will be available in real-time and will be released periodically during different time phases to achieve the highest quality of service and maximum development of the project.

If you have 3000 locked STK, you can choose one tier of the ASIP according to your needs and rewards - Crypto, Equity, Forex or Commodities.
At any time, you can unlock the next tier by adding another 3000 locked STK.
If you wish to use all functions and tiers of the ASIP - Equity + Crypto + Forex + Commodities, you need to have 10,000 STK locked.
With the highest tier you will have unlimited access to all features.

When locking your STK - at the time you get access to the ASIP, you will also receive reward on a daily basis. You can see all the information in STARCK Stake

If you only have a registration and less than 3000 locked STK you will be able to use Stake for reward and you will be able to see part of the news in your user panel, but to fully unlock it you will need to have a minimum number of 3000 locked tokens.










Risk Disclosure

Start-up blockchain projects may face significant risks in operation, underlying technology, and legal and regulatory environments. Investing in such projects requires rich technical and financial knowledge to understand the inherent risks associated with blockchain start-ups. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend that you conduct thorough due diligence, evaluation, or seek advice from professional consultants.

The prices of digital assets related to blockchain projects exhibit high volatility and may fluctuate due to various factors. Investing in such projects may result in significant or total investment losses.
When deciding whether to invest in this project, please carefully assess the risks and make a decision based on your risk tolerance. STARCK does not guarantee or compensate for any investment losses incurred by you.