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ASIP | Register

Participate in Staking to support the STARCK Project and earn STK tokens as a reward.
You don't need any special hardware or device to stake.
You can do it directly from a mobile device or desktop computer on our platform with the highest guaranteed level of security.

Accumulation of daily Reward on your STK Tokens

Withdraw / Reinvest
Stake For 12 months

Reward for the period of One Year: 11 %

No penalty Reward

In order to unstake your tokens, you need to make a request which lasts 30 days from the request date. On the 30th day after the request, you will unlock your tokens, without any penalty Reward, whatsoever.
To lock new tokens no request is required, just select a lock period again.

Minimum stake

With STK, there is no requirement for a minimum stake of tokens to receive Reward.
The minimum quantities are for use of the AI Starck Information Platform, and the quantities required for use of one tier are:
1 Level - 3,000 STK
2 Levels - 6,000 STK
3 Levels - 9,000 STK
4 Levels - 10,000 STK


You could add or stake addiotional STK to your ASIP account at any time.


You can unstake without penalty Reward with a 30-day request period
If you want to unstake ONLY YOUR Reward, you can do so with a request lasting 48 hours.
If you want to reinvest your Reward, you can do so at any time.


You are not charged any fees for using AI Starck Information Platform

Security rewarded

Staking is vital for the security of the network. Be part of it and earn rewards in exchange.

Risk Disclosure

Start-up blockchain projects may face significant risks in operation, underlying technology, and legal and regulatory environments. Investing in such projects requires rich technical and financial knowledge to understand the inherent risks associated with blockchain start-ups. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend that you conduct thorough due diligence, evaluation, or seek advice from professional consultants.

The prices of digital assets related to blockchain projects exhibit high volatility and may fluctuate due to various factors. Investing in such projects may result in significant or total investment losses.
When deciding whether to invest in this project, please carefully assess the risks and make a decision based on your risk tolerance. STARCK does not guarantee or compensate for any investment losses incurred by you.